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4 agosto 2016
Eligroup has secured contract for delivery of public address PA
30 gennaio 2017

Successfully completed installation of our ND 1200 PREDATOR night vision system on board of HSC VOLCAN DE TIRAJANA in Las Palmas.

ND 1200 it’s particularly recommended for retrofit project, since it’s very simple installation, only one main cable to connect camera to the control unit, without illuminators.

Our night vision systems, use high technology collision avoidance techniques, to assure the safety of all passengers and crew.

Typical safety hazards include large flotsam and jetsam, ice blocks, logs and trees, containers, whales and exceptional waves.

Our solutions use colour ultra HD day light cameras and image intensifiers to enhance surveillance and detection capability. We can also equip our night vision system with high resolution thermal cameras to help in detection of objects and small boats or rescue in lost in sea passengers or crew members.

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