Eligroup is particularly attentive to the introduction of technical solutions for ships that are cleaner, more efficient and environmentally sustainable. Technical solutions, as the ultrasonic antifouling systems are developped in order to promote green innovation in the maritime industry without ever neglecting the commercial and technical feasibility.




The hull protection system ANFORA is able to ensure the cleanliness and constant maintenance of the hydrodynamic performance of the hulls preventing almost completely the engraftment of animal and plant species that normally proliferate on the bodies immersed in sea water.
Everything is “reduced” to a significant reduction in fuel costs, as well as a saving in the costs of dry docking.

Operating principle

The system is based on the principle of cavitation, the energy propagated on the hull generates an “anti-habitat” for the micro marine organisms which are unable to anchor themselves to the surfaces, or if they were already there, they would necrotize automatically detaching themselves by flaking. The elastic waves are transmitted to the hull through diffuser wedges that transform the electrical energy generated by a special switching generator, controlled by a solid state microprocessor, into mechanical energy

System Composition

The system is composed of a number of transducers whose type, number and power depends on the characteristics of the boat to be protected, connected by cables to an electronic generator. The electronic generator is powered with alternating current at 220 volts and has a fairly low electrical absorption which does not exceed kw. The generator is normally inserted in an electrical cabinet with IP65 protection, which also contains all the safety and self-diagnostic devices

The beneficial effects of this electronic antifouling system are effective even in the case of non-continuous operation within 24 hours, as was evidenced in the course of experiments already carried out on board, where the use of the system was limited to only eight hours per day, however providing excellent results. The system has been widely tested and today used by several ship owners for the protection of sea inlets.


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