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8 settembre 2023

Press release 2023-10-19

Cetasol, a pioneering deep tech/green tech company based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and a spin-off from Volvo Penta, has recently established a strategic collaboration with the esteemed Italian firm, Eligroup. This partnership is a significant step for both companies, fostering a collective commitment to revolutionize the maritime industry’s sustainability efforts.

Eligroup specializes in the maintenance, repair, and installation of electrical and electronic systems aboard a diverse range of vessels. With a highly experienced team capable of rapid mobilization for emergency or planned repairs globally, Eligroup offers services encompassing generator and bow thruster overhauls, electrical and deck equipment repairs, design, ballast water and scrubber installations, and a selection of high-quality navigation, communication, and safety products for onboard usage. Committed to sustainability, Eligroup diligently seeks innovative and eco-sustainable solutions to address the challenges of a globalized world.

Over the years Eligroup has focused to increase the awareness of sustainability solutions among Italian ship owners and maritime operators. The italian company is offering a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge green technologies. 

“We believe that the sustainability switch is achievable thanks to the combined actions by partnerships that they share the same values” – Alessandro Solla CEO of Eligroup

On the other hand, Cetasol is dedicated to empowering crew members and business owners with decision support in their pursuit of sustainability. Leveraging AI-based automatic dynamic modeling of vessels and operations, Cetasol’s technology drives energy optimization, measurement, and electrification. The company has demonstrated impressive savings in fuel usage, ranging from 10-17%, with their pioneering solution – iHelm. iHelm, an intelligent platform, learns from operations, enabling substantial fuel savings.

This collaboration between Cetasol and Eligroup brings together their complementary expertise and shared vision for a sustainable maritime industry. By synergizing their strengths, they aim to drive the adoption of efficient, environmentally conscious practices within the sector in Italy.

“We are excited about the prospects this collaboration presents, together, Cetasol and Eligroup will support change in the maritime
industry’s landscape for more sustainable and responsible operations” – Ethan Faghani CEO of Cetasol

For more information please contact: 

Ethan Faghani
Founder and CEO, Cetasol
Phone: +46 73 920 0379
Email: ethan.faghani@cetasol.com 

Alessandro Solla
CEO and Founder, Eligroup
Phone: +39 335 663 01 94
Email: info@eligroup.net

About Eligroup

Eligroup is a specialized Italian company focusing on the maintenance, repair, and installation of electrical and electronic systems aboard all types of vessels. With a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals and a commitment to sustainability, Eligroup offers a wide range of services and quality products to support the maritime industry.

Read more: www.eligroup.us

About Cetasol

Cetasol is a deep tech/green tech company based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and a spin-off from Volvo Penta. The company specializes in providing decision support for crew members and business owners in their journey towards sustainability within the maritime industry. Cetasol’s technology, driven by AI-based automatic dynamic modeling, offers energy optimization, measurement, and support in electrification, showcasing notable fuel savings. The iHelm platform, a prominent offering by Cetasol, facilitates enhanced fuel efficiency and operational insights for sustainable maritime practices, making fuel savings of 10-25% possible.

Read more: www.cetasol.com

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