Video Corporate Eligroup
13 aprile 2017
Joint venture with its partner ROSMAR Ltd Russia
8 maggio 2017

Succesfully completed installation of ND 1200 Night Vision System wheel mark approved for HSC., on FLYING CAT 5 of Hellenic Seaways in Piraeus Port
The ND 1200 PREDATOR specially designed for High Speed Craft is compliant with the following rules

1. IMO Res.A.694(17).
2. IMO Res.A.36(63)-(1994-HSC-Code)13
3. IMO Res.MSC.94(72)
4. IMO Res.MSC.97(73)- (2000HSC-code)13
5. Wheel mark and comply with (MED)96/98/EC
6. International standard night vision equipment for high speed craft.

Hellenic Seaways is a Greek shipping company operating passenger and freight ferry services in the Aegean and Adriatic Seas. The company is owned by Minoan Lines, which currently controls the majority stake.
We wish to thank all HSW Management for trust in us during these years of cooperation

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